Fanpeng Meng | 孟繁鹏

I am a junior M.Phil. student at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen), supervised by Prof. Xiaoguang Han. Besides, I am the CEO of Shuchen Technology.

Prior to that, I obtained B.Eng. from Huazhong University of Science & Technology. Also, I am honored to have worked with Prof. He Wang from Peking University.

Research Interests: I mainly focus on 3D Computer Vision.

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3D-Aware Object Goal Navigation via Simultaneous Exploration and Identification
Jiazhao Zhang*, Liu Dai*, Fanpeng Meng, Qingnan Fan, Xuelin Chen, Kai Xu, He Wang
CVPR, 2023
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Proposing a framework for the challenging 3D-aware ObjectNav with two straight-forward sub-policies, namely corner-guided exploration policy and category-aware identification policy.




  • Chinese Painting. I am a semi-professional artist practicing for 15 years+, Professional Grade 9 (top tier) on Flower and Bird. I once went to Russia🇷🇺 for art exchange on behalf of China Academy of Art.
  • Football. I am a crazy football fan of Changchun and Barca. I play goalkeeper and won the 2nd place of HUST Cup Group-B in 2022 spring on behalf of my department.

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